A concrete floor inside and outside the house has become more and more popular because of the decorative designs that concrete is now able to provide. There are many Concrete Services you can rely on that will give you the best and excellent services you want while at the same time provide you many options when it comes to design.  

More and more homeowners are becoming attracted to using and installing decorative concrete for their house as they are provided with a lot of possibilities, colors, and designs. In addition to this, concrete floors, in general, are easy to maintain, clean, and provide appeal to wherever it is put onto.  

The following are the five types of decorative concrete: 

1.Stained concrete 

Concrete stains are used to put color within the concrete slab, and this has been used for many years now in different households. The color that is used is in variation, depending on what the homeowners needs, but they usually go in the color red and green. Stains come in two forms: water-based and acid-based stains. The water-based is good if you want to incorporate a design or pattern within the stain, while the acid stain is ideal for those who want to have a warm-toned color.  

2.Stamped concrete 

Stamped concrete is a concrete flooring that is provided with different designs and patterns with the use of molds or stamping mats. These mats and molds are pressed onto the wet concrete, leaving some imprints behind. The patterns and designs can vary, and one can imitate the surface structure of bricks, wood, and even stone.  

3.Polished concrete  

The polished concrete uses a technique by pouring down chemical densifiers. This densifier is put on to the concrete floor and they fill in spaces and holes to ensure a smooth and flat surface. When it has dried, the floor surface is then polished and that will become is what we call polished concrete.  


Overlays are more similar to the stamped concrete only that is used more on decorative and restorative purposes. It is done by putting a new layer of concrete on the existing concrete floor and then engraved or stamped wit ha design or a pattern. This is very ideal for those who do not have enough budget for replacing the whole old concrete floors with the new ones.  

5.Colored concrete 

Colored concrete is different from stained concrete as this is done by using a dye that is directly applied to the concrete floors that penetrate to the concrete slab. These inks are mixed with a solvent usually acetone or alcohol.  

Final thoughts 

Concrete, with or without designs, us one of the most chosen materials for flooring as it does not just provide a variety of options when it comes to patterns and designs, but also provides low-maintenance cost, convenience in cleaning, and many more.  

In addition to his, decorative concrete has also made concrete more flexible than ever before. We presented to you the five types of decorative concrete and each one of them can provide you different advantages, both in aesthetics and functionality.